Quebec Airport Guide to Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport (YQB)

Parking at Quebec Airport

Quebec Airport has at their passengers’ disposal a single parking lot which is directly located facing the main terminal.

The following parking lots forms Quebec Airport parking:

Inparq (P1): It is a multi-level parking directly connected to the main terminal. It has dedicated spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles. 

ProxiParq (P2): The outdoor parking. It is a ground parking lot located behind the parkade, directly connected to the main terminal through it.

Cellparq: This is the cell phone waiting area located immediately facing the main terminal. It is a free parking, although you can only just wait 60-minute maximum.

For further information regarding parking, please call: +1 418 640 3300

Disabled parking

For passengers with reduced mobility, there are reserved parking spaces close to the main terminal entrance. In order to park in this spaces, vehicles must display a handicapped parking license.